Adidas Launches Two New Vegan Icons

adidas vegan shoes

Adidas’ Continental 80 and Samba icons have just gotten a vegan makeover! These kicks have been around since the late 80’s and they can now help you take a step toward a more sustainable future, for just $80!

Having previously launched two vegan versions of their iconic Stan Smith sneaker, Adidas is fully committed to contributing toward a brighter tomorrow through sustainability and innovation in their products. They’ve even launched an initiative to end plastic waste by using more recycled materials in their products. In fact, the synthetic uppers on their new vegan Continental 80s are made of recycled material!

The brand has made the following statement on their website: “As we continue to address our overall carbon footprint, we’re shifting to using 100% recycled polyester in our products by 2024.” They are also “moving toward circular systems of recycling and reuse.” Just in 2017, they sold 1,000,000 pairs of shoes made with plastic waste extracted from our oceans!

As for their new icons, they have this to say about the vegan Sambas: “With the same look and feel as the original style, this version advocates for a better future with an entirely vegan design.” Plus, their Continental 80 Vegan Shoes are made with an “algae-based EVA foam that helps clean at least 30 liters of polluted lake water.”

Remember, when shopping cruelty-free and sustainable fashion, it’s important to look at the impact of your product both in its production phase and afterlife. Cruelty-free products can become harmful to animals if they go on to contaminate oceans and natural habitats. By shopping brands that look at both the ethical and environmental impact, you can be sure your pieces will never be a threat to our animal friends.

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