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Vegan Greek Salad Recipe

You know that one salad on the menu that looks vegan, but then turns out to have feta cheese in it? Yeah, this is the one. That’s why for this recipe we used Violife’s Just Like Feta! It was a great addition...

vegan chocolate zucchini cake recipe

Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Cake Recipe

You may be thinking, veggies in a cake? We were skeptical as well. However, this vegan chocolate zucchini cake is decadent with added moisture, texture, and nutrition! It was so delicious that it lasted no more than 2...

Vegan margarita

Easy Vegan Margaritas

Having a Mexican-themed celebration by any chance? You can’t forget the margaritas! We like to enjoy these yummy drinks every Friday night for taco night, and for this Cinco de Mayo, they’ll definitely be on...