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vegan miso soup

Simple Miso Soup

Miso is a fermented soy paste, originated in Asia where, for centuries, it was believed to have healing properties. In fact, today we know this to be true. It’s excellent for digestive health, heart health, and is...

Vegan Lentil Soup Recipe

Vegan Lentil Soup Recipe

It’s officially soup season! Grab a warm blanket, and snuggle up to this bowl of comforting lentil soup on any fall or winter night. This is one of those hearty meals that’ll leave you craving more! So, we’d like to...

vegan minestrone soup recipe

Healthy Minestrone Soup Recipe

This soup is the perfect way to eat your veggies! Each serving of this hearty Italian soup contains 2 servings of vegetables, so eat up! It also freezes well, so you can make extra for busy evenings. Healthy Minestrone...