Top 3 Vegan and Eco-Friendly Dry Shampoos

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We don’t mean to be dramatic, but vegan dry shampoo has got to be one of the greatest inventions of ALL time.

It’s the ultimate product of convenience. If you haven’t yet dabbled in dry shampoo, get ready to simplify your beauty routine.

If you’re already acquainted with this game-changer but want recommendations for the eco-friendliest vegan dry shampoo, we’ve got you covered. Stick around till the end for our top three picks!

What’s So Great About Vegan Dry Shampoo?

advantages of natural vegan dry shampoo powder

Even for a person with a low maintenance washing your hair takes time. Depending on the day, that time may be too precious to spare. Hit the snooze button a few too many times? Ditch the lengthy shower and sharpen up with dry shampoo instead.

When trying to wash your hair less often, dry shampoo can smooth out that transition. It soaks up oil and sweat to give you that extra “oomph” in-between washes, eliminating greasy hair days.

Keep in mind that using dry shampoo multiple days in a row can irritate your scalp and block your pores. It’s a band-aid, not a product for daily use. Given that it doesn’t actually clean your hair, it’s also not a replacement for regular shampoo.

Hot tip: Use a blow dryer on your freshly applied dry shampoo. It will add volume and help the product last longer.

Vegan Dry Shampoo: Powder vs Spray

Dry shampoo powder vs spray
Aerosol sprays cans are responsible for nearly 40% of hazardous waste retail items.

As with many products of convenience, not all the options are particularly eco-friendly. While dry shampoo comes in both a powder and an aerosol, the powder is a safer choice for both our bodies and the planet.

Sprays include butane and propane, which, according to the EWG’s Cosmetic Database, are both classified as irritants. Although they are widely considered safe in short, small bursts, it’s still something to think about when you’re using a product regularly. Additionally, aerosols contain chemical fragrances, which are a common allergen and irritant.

Besides having cleaner ingredients, powder also provides an environmentally friendly packaging option. According to the EPA, aerosol cans are responsible for nearly 40% of hazardous waste retail items.

Environmental factors aside, we like the natural dry shampoo powder for its painless application. It’s surprisingly easy to overdo a spray. With a powder, you can be specific about where you want the treatment.

Which Vegan Dry Shampoo is Right for You?

While picking our top three choices for natural dry shampoo, we looked for products that were eco-friendly, effective, and–of course–vegan. Since everyone responds differently, we recommend that you experiment with a couple of different options to see what works best for you.

Handmade Heroes Drop Dead Gorgeous Cruelty-Free Dry Shampoo

As Handmade Heroes explains, their products don’t “contain any nasties.” The Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo offers both a light and dark hair option. We love that the cute bottle is a travel-friendly size.

Lulu Organics Hair Powder

If you’re looking for a variety of lovely scents, check out this Hair Powder from Lulu Organics. With six different essential oil-based aromas as well as an unscented option, you’ve got plenty of choices. You can even use this 100% organic product as a body powder.

Beauty by Earth Organic Dry Shampoo

We love the hint of lavender in this organic vegan dry shampoo. Since it includes a bottle with an applicator tip, it’s easy to direct exactly where you want the powder to go. It’s safe for all hair types and comes in both a light and dark hair version.

Give one of these eco-friendly products a try and don’t forget to let us know what you think!

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