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Jeff Bezos, Kaszek, and Others Invest $30M in Chilean Vegan Food Startup “The Not Company”

Jeff Bezos, Kaszek, and Others Invest $30M in Chilean Vegan Food Startup “The Not Company”

Matias Muchnik, founder of NotCo was able to raise $30M from companies like Bezos Expeditions and Kaszek Ventures to “disrupt how food is produced around the world.” Two other companies, The Craftory and IndieBio have also pitched in.

Not Company tests and creates plant-based foods like mayo, ice cream, and milk using their incredible software ‘Guiseppe,’ powered by artificial intelligence. Through this software, they are able to find the plants (they have about 7000 different plant molecules on their database) that will best emulate animal-based foods! They then have chefs and sensory specialists give their feedback and suggest possible ways to use these ingredients in their products.

Muchnik, a Harvard-graduate in biotech engineering has also recruited Karim Pichara, a computer scientist, and Pablo Zamora, a biochemist to take part in the project. Currently available in Chile, Argentina, and a few stores in the U.S., The Not Company is destined to revolutionize the plant-based food industry with their groundbreaking approach to food engineering. Find out where you can purchase these products here (https://notco.com/where-to-buy).

The Chilean company has since announced in an official press release that they’ll be partnering with Burger King to launch the Rebel Whopper, a vegetarian version of the original Whopper!

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