U.S. Plant-Based Online Grocery Store GTFO It’s Vegan Just Launched Nationwide Delivery

GTFO It’s Vegan just granted the entire country access to 400 vegan products – both from popular brands, like Kite Hill, Miyoko’s, JUST, Lightlife, Gardein, and newer brands, like Longève and Barvecue. Having launched on May 15th, they are now prepared to deliver you any product from their online catalog within 24-72 hours!

Marc and Tanya Pierce founded GTFO It’s Vegan (“GreaTFOods It’s Vegan”) to help “bring a better way of life.” Their mission is to “become the most important company in this century to ensure the sustainability of our environment.” This couple is set on rebuilding the food industry and leaving the animals out of it.

With 8 categories: bakery, cheese, seafood, meat, dairy, prepared, pantry, and snacks, GTFO It’s Vegan has every type of vegan food you could want. However, they are also planning on expanding to vegan clothing, makeup, and more! They even have their sights set on physical retail stores in the future.

Though this grocery store is vegan-friendly, it’s not just for vegans. They’d like to inspire everyone to try plant-based foods and live a healthier, more sustainable life.

Luisa H

Hi! Luisa here. Vegan writer, video producer, musician, and total foodie! I discovered my passion for animal rights in 2015 through the documentary "Earthlings", and haven't looked back since. Like you, my goal is to help us all work toward a healthier and more compassionate world!

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