Top 10 Sustainable And Ethical Swimwear Brands

vegan sustainable eco-friendly ethical swimwear

When it comes to ethical swimwear, many brands use animal-free materials. However, these mainly synthetic materials are not always eco-friendly, or ocean-friendly, for that matter. Yes, part of the problem is that micro-plastics flow into your drain when you wash your clothing; however, when wearing swimsuits/bikinis, you may even be releasing microfibers directly into the ocean as you swim! So, keep reading to discover these eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical swimwear brands and enjoy your ocean-friendly beach trip!

One thing to look for when searching for the perfect sustainable vegan bikini is an eco-friendly certification. You can find a list of the main ones here. Labels like “Carbon Neutral”, “Oeko-Tex Standard 100”, and “Fairtrade” are commonly associated with ethical swimwear brands, and are a great indicator of the company’s values and efforts to protect our planet.

If you’re ready to dive into our list, just remember to keep these certifications in mind, and we can get started!

Bower Swimwear

Bower ethical Swimwear

Made with eco-friendly ECONYL yarn retrieved from nylon waste found in the ocean (mostly ghost nets), Bower’s swimwear is the perfect option for those who want to help save marine life! Nylon nets frequently entangle sea turtles, sharks, seals, and other innocent sea creatures. This can cause them to lose their mobility, get injured, or even keep them from reaching the ocean surface for air. By removing them to produce regenerated nylon, we can save hundreds of animals!

However, this is not the only way Bower Swimwear is helping save our oceans. They also donate to the Healthy Seas initiative and use sustainable packaging made with non-toxic dyes for all of their products. Additionally, they make sure all of their collaborators work under safe conditions. But, what about the designs themselves? We’ll let you judge them yourself by checking out their website here.

Bold Swim

Bold Swim ethical swimwear

Have you heard of Amni Soul Eco? It’s considered the world’s first biodegradable yarn, made from enhanced polyamides. It’s eliminated just 5 years after hitting the landfills, as opposed to other fabrics that take decades to decompose! This Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified material is Bold Swim’s signature fabric, which provides breathability, softness, comfort, and even UV protection!

In addition to their fabulous sustainable material, Bold Swim is a 1% For the Planet member, meaning they donate 1% of their earnings to multiple environmental charities. They also make sure to pay their team fair wages and are a woman-owned brand! Check out their gorgeous, inclusive range here.


Londre sustainable swimwear

With a focus on creating the perfect silhouette for every unique body type with the least environmental impact possible, Londre is a brand for all conscious consumers. They’ve saved over 100,000 plastic bottles from the oceans to create their swimsuits, and each one holds approximately 6 of them.

In their Oeko-Tex 100 Certified factory, Londre’s employees are able to reuse all of the water used for production, and create recyclable, sustainable swimsuits to be sent in compostable and recyclable corn packaging. All of their pieces are sewn in Canada, and each sewer is paid well above living wage. Browse their flattering, eco-friendly swimsuits today!


Woodstrk eco-friendly swimwear

Another brand using ECONYL fabric, Woodstrk’s mission is to “redefine the values of fashion – how it is made, worn, and treasured” with their slow fashion approach. Manufactured in Portugal, their pieces are made responsibly and ethically, as almost 100% of the energy used for their production comes from their solar panels. They also undergo strict internationally recognized standards to make sure their clothing is not harming our planet, and work under fair conditions.

You’ll be happy to know Woodstrk’s shipping is 100% carbon neutral, as they compensate any carbon emissions with reforestation and biodiversity initiatives! Finally, they constantly strive to minimize their waste in any way possible. We encourage you to check out their fab collections here, and help them improve the global environmental standards of the fashion industry!


Sūndar ethical swimwear

Using regenerated waste from our oceans in the fashion industry seems to be the next big thing in the sustainable fashion industry! ECONYL’s threads are also used for Sūndar’s collections. Inspired by nature, their pieces were made to promote inclusivity, empowerment, beauty, and sustainability.

Sūndar strives to shift the fashion industry’s standards by encouraging consumers to demand transparency, buy high-quality pieces that will last longer, and choose sustainable and ethical swimwear. To set the example, they make sure to share their fabric’s responsible production process directly on their site. All swimwear by this brand is produced ethically, and for every purchase, they donate £1 to Help Refugees UK! If this sounds like a swimwear brand you’d like to support, check out their collections today!

Boden USA

Boden USA ethical swimwear

As mentioned earlier, ECONYL fabric is a huge trend among sustainable swimwear brands. Boden also works with these threads to help save marine life, and is set to have a 100% regenerated/recycled nylon and yarn swimwear line by 2025!

Boden’s packaging is also made out of recycled materials, and is recyclable, so you can keep the sustainability going! Plus, you can choose whether to receive their catalogue or not, which is printed entirely on PEFC certified paper (from sustainably managed forests and/or recycled sources). Check out their classic and bold prints here!


Galamaar sustainable swimwear

If you want your ethical swimsuits to last through the years, surviving trends and wear alike, you’ll want to check out Galamaar’s timeless collections. With their huge array of cuts and styles, you’re sure to find the fit for you!

Galamaar’s pieces are created with Econyl fabric in Los Angeles, California, and their sizes range from XS to XL. And the best part? They’re built to last 50% longer than conventional swimsuits! Check out their online shop and start browsing!

Rey Swimwear

Rey Swimwear eco-friendly swimwear

Jessica Rey’s vision with this ethical and sustainable brand was to create modest pieces that will help you feel comfortable and beautiful in your swimwear. Rey’s designs are all inspired by Audrey Hepburn, and created with 100% regenerated materials, like rescued fishnets!

You can also be sure that all of Rey Swimwear’s employees are paid a fair, living wage! Their factories are all based in Los Angeles, and employees are all treated with dignity and respect. If you’re interested in flattering, ethical pieces, make sure to browse Rey Swimwear’s website!

Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman ethical swimwear

Made using Econyl fabric, all of Mara Hoffman’s swimwear pieces are entirely ethical and sustainable! With UPF 50+ protection, they also protect your skin under the harsh sun. Their goal is to generate awareness through carefully created designs, and reduce their impact as much as possible.

Mara Hoffman’s team periodically visits their factories, making sure their employees are treated with respect and working under safe conditions. Plus, their digital printing method allows them to use less water and less fabric, ultimately saving tons of resources! And finally, they are collaborating with 13 different organizations working toward sustainable fashion, in order to ensure their pieces are meeting the highest environmental standards. Check out their fab swimwear here.


Patagonia ethical swimwear

This brand’s supportive, high-performance, Fair Trade Certified swimwear is made of sustainable materials like recycled nylon and recycled polyester. But, they don’t only do swimsuits! They also have a huge collection of eco-friendly rashguards, boardshorts, and wetsuits! Surfers, you can take care of the oceans you love by shopping Patagonia’s eco-friendly collections!

Ready to choose the perfect sustainable and ethical swimwear brand for your taste, values, and budget? Regardless of which brand you purchase from, know that you are a key part of the eco-fashion movement, and your purchase matters! Thank you for caring for our planet and all of the sentient beings that inhabit it!

Patricia Maroday

Hi I'm Patricia. Certified vegan lifestyle Coach. I’m here to help you eat more plants, discover ethical products, help the planet and feel amazing!

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Patricia Maroday

Hi I'm Patricia. Certified vegan lifestyle Coach. I’m here to help you eat more plants, discover ethical products, help the planet and feel amazing!