7 Sustainable, Ethical & Affordable Dresses

Sustainable dresses

Happy March, everyone! Perhaps you know the old saying about March: it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. In other words, March might start out cold and reminiscent of winter, but by the end you’re in the market for some spring and summer attire! We’re talking short sleeves, skirts, and dresses! So, to help you say goodbye to winter and hello to summer, here are seven eco-friendly, affordable (under $150) and sustainable dresses to line your closet with!

What to Look For?

If you are new to our eco-friendly series, you’ll want to check out our article on eco-friendly certifications. There you will find our list of certifications specific to the fashion industry, which will help you navigate the eco-friendly world.


PACT Sustainable dresses

Ethics | Fair trade factory certified, GOTS-certified

Sustainability | Organic cotton, Natural dyes, Natural fibers

Price Range | $-$$ Let’s kick things off with Pact. We’ve mentioned PACT before. They offer a lot of basics and focus on offering sustainable, affordable must-haves. This includes their sustainable dresses. Starting as low as $35, these dresses are made with 100% organic cotton in certified fair-trade factories focused on humane quality. Definitely a great place to start your search!

2. Thred-Up

Ethics | Circular fashion, Garment recycling

Sustainability | Premium cotton

Price Range | $-$$

For those looking for a serious discount while wanting to do some good for the environment, Thred-Up is a great place to shop! Thred-Up practices circular fashion and garment recycling. They offer consumers gently used products, including sustainable dresses starting at $7!! You can purchase name brands and keep these items out of the landfills and oceans!


MONSOON ethical dresses

Ethics | FSC-certified packaging, Upcycling, No animal testing

Sustainability | Organic cotton, Ethical luxury fibers

Price Range | $-$$ Monsoon is a unique brand that sources ethical fabrics and implements sustainable practices for all of their products. Their sustainable dresses are no exception. Each one is made from lyocell, organic cotton etc. You can be sure you are getting a sustainable garment for all your spring and summer occasions (starting at $26)!

4. Mata Traders

Ethics | Fair trade factories, Humane offerings

Sustainability | Organic cotton

Price Range | $$-$$$ Mata Traders is a company working to empower women in all societies. They work with several groups and factories in India, creating pieces that reflect Indian tradition! Their ethical dresses are made from predominantly organic cotton and are handmade, printed, and constructed in fair trade factories. For $60, you can own one of these colorful masterpieces and help support fair trade and opportunity!

5. Amour Vert

Amout Vert eco-friendly dresses

Ethics | Oeko-Tex certified, USA made

Sustainability | Organic cotton, Natural fibers, Ethical fibers

Price Range | $$$ Amour Vert is a brand for those chic summer days. They offer a wide range of prints, colors, and sizes really embracing inclusivity. Their sustainable dresses (and other products) are made from multiple sustainable materials including organic cotton, Tencel, and many more. If you’re looking for a colorful, eco-friendly option, check out Amour Vert—prices start at $118!

6. People Tree

Ethics | Fair Trade certified, GOTS-certified

Sustainability | Organic cotton, Tencel (Lyocell)

Price Range | $$-$$$ Another brand we’ve featured before is People Tree. People Tree makes a wide range of eco-friendly products. Their sustainable dresses are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton and Tencel. And the bold patterns are great for many occasions! With prices starting at $38, you will want to check out People Tree!

7. Fauxgerty

Ethics | USA made, Fair wages

Sustainability | PVC-free faux leather, Natural fibers

Price Range | $$-$$$ Finally, we have Fauxgerty. This is a company started by women, working for women. Their goal is to bring people ethical, sustainable clothing that is inclusive and mindful. They offer a range of sizes and manufacture their products in the US. All of their products, eco-friendly dresses included, are made of natural fibers, organic cotton, and PVC-free faux leather. For just $57, you can own one of these fashion forward, eco-conscious pieces!

Buy Mindfully, Buy Compassionately, Buy Sustainably

These eco-friendly, sustainable, and affordable brands offer a wide variety of dresses to send winter packing! You can rock these all spring and summer knowing you are making a big difference for your closet and the environment! Remember, as consumers we can make a huge impact through every purchase. Buy mindfully, compassionately, and sustainably and make a difference with every dollar.

Patricia Maroday

Hi I'm Patricia. Certified vegan lifestyle Coach. I’m here to help you eat more plants, discover ethical products, help the planet and feel amazing!

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Patricia Maroday

Hi I'm Patricia. Certified vegan lifestyle Coach. I’m here to help you eat more plants, discover ethical products, help the planet and feel amazing!

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