5 Affordable And Sustainable Socks

sustainable socks

For some, socks are an expression of a cause, a subtle pop of color or hint of pattern, and others use them simply to keep their feet warm. Whatever your interests in socks, there are a lot of them in this world. People wear socks every day, but as with other clothing items, the way they’re made can have a huge impact on the environment. While socks may be something of a footnote, they still contribute to the 24.5 million plus tons of waste produced by the fashion industry. This is especially true if made out of synthetic (polyester, nylon, spandex) fibers. The good news, you can keep your toes happy while also helping the environment. Buying ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly socks is a great place to start converting your wardrobe. And we want to help; below are five eco-friendly, sustainable, and affordable sock brands you will want to rock!

What to Look For?

If you missed our article about eco-friendly sustainable t-shirts, here is a quick overview of what to look for when shopping eco-friendly/sustainable: organic cotton, hemp, linen, and recycled fabrics is a great place to start. Additionally, look for water-based dyes and no harsh chemical treatment.

For the brand itself, look out for Certified B Corporations and WRAP, Oeko-Tex, and GOTS certifications.

1. Conscious Step

Conscious Step sustainable socks

Ethics | GOTS certified, Fair-trade certified, Ethical workplace

Sustainability | Organic, vegan cotton

Price Range | $-$$

Let’s take our first step with Conscious Step socks. This ethical sock brand makes a wide range of colorful and bold patterned socks. Each pair is made from a blend of GOTS, Fair-Trade certified organic cotton, elastane, and polyamide. These socks are produced in India in an ethical factory, which ensures fair and safe working conditions for their employees. With each purchase, you can contribute to a unique cause: rainforest conservation, ending HIV, building homes, ending world hunger, and more. For $15, proudly rock these socks and know you are helping make great things happen!


Manrags sustainable socks

Ethics | Ethical production, Circular fashion, Garment recycling

Sustainability | Premium cotton

Price Range | $-$$

When luxury met sustainability, Manrags was born. This Aussie company provides customers 100% Egyptian cotton socks. Each pair is ethically made in Egypt. However, what makes it a little different is its subscription service. Manrags participates in circular fashion. For $5, you purchase a compostable recycling bag and send your unwanted socks to them. They either up-cycle or recycle every sock you send. In exchange, you get $20 off of your first subscription. And based on your selected timeline, a new pair of socks will find its way to your door, so you never run out!

3. People Tree

people tree sustainable socks

Ethics | Fair Trade certified, GOTS-certified

Sustainability | Organic cotton, Tencel (Lyocell)

Price Range | $-$$

People Tree is a unique brand bridging the gap between people and products. People Tree has several of the eco-friendly, ethical certifications on the market. They take great care to source their products from Fair Trade manufacturers. Their essentials are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton and Tencel. They recycle water and the solvents used in their Tencel production. The colors and patterns are bold like their mission. Starting at $13, you can own a pair of People Tree socks today!

4. Organic Basics

organic basic sustainable socks

Ethics | Fair labor practices, USA made

Sustainability | Water reduction, Low impact dyes, Low waste

Price Range | $-$$

If you’re someone who prefers a minimalist look, keeping things simple, and going back to basics, then Organic Basics is for you. This group provides all sorts of basic wardrobe must-haves at fair prices, produced through fair practices. They work with a number of humane factories around the world to source and produce their products. All of their socks are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. Again, while their color pallet is muted, their mission is not. For  $15, you can own some organic basics and start updating your wardrobe!

5. Harvest & Mill

harvest and mill sustainable socks

Ethics | USA made, Ethical factories

Sustainability | 100% Organic cotton, Natural dyes, Natural fibers, Compostable packaging

Price Range | $-$$

If you’re into earth tones, then you will love Harvest & Mill. This company is based in the USA. They source all of their organically grown cotton and manufacture their products in the states. Doing so, allows them to support local farming. Additionally, Harvest & Mill adhere to some of the strictest chemical use and disposal regulations in the world, as they make everything in the US. They also offer both dye-free and low-impact dye options for all of their clothing. With a starting price of $9, you can treat your toes to some high-quality, natural fibers!

Kind Socks

Ethics| GOTS-ceritified organic cotton, fair labor practices

Sustainability | organic cotton

Price Range | $-$$

kind socks sustainable socks

Kind Socks was born to challenge the stigma that ethical, sustainable clothing is boring and neutral. Ethically sourced from a GOTS-certified organic cotton manufacturer in India, the materials used to make Kind Socks are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and high-quality. This company is also committed to making sure all of their suppliers are paid a fair wage, and have safe working conditions. And the best part is, this ethical company always make sure to provide their eco-conscious clients with bold patterns to help you show off their individuality. Living ethically should not be boring, but exhilarating! Check out their fab collections here.

Solmate Socks

Ethics | Living wages and medical benefits for employees, donations to charity groups

Sustainability | Certified B Corporation, Recycled cotton yarn and recycled polyester, Global Recycling Standard, Oeko-Tex

Price Range | $-$$

These truly eye-catching socks are wonderfully mismatched, bright, and colorful! If you love eclectic statement pieces, Solmate Socks are for you! Made in North Carolina using recycled materials certified by the Global Recycling Standard and Oeko-Tex, these socks are sustainable and ethically sourced! Plus, this company gives back by making plenty of donations to charities, including homeless shelters, refugee centers, and family services organizations. If you’re all about helping others and doing it in style, we encourage you to support this Earth-friendly brand!

Buy Mindfully, Buy Compassionately, Buy Sustainably

These five eco-friendly, sustainable, and affordable brands offer a wide variety of socks and other ethical pieces for any style! Remember, as consumers we can make a huge impact through every purchase. Buy mindfully, compassionately, and sustainably and make a difference with every dollar!

Patricia Maroday

Hi I'm Patricia. Certified vegan lifestyle Coach. I’m here to help you eat more plants, discover ethical products, help the planet and feel amazing!

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Patricia Maroday

Hi I'm Patricia. Certified vegan lifestyle Coach. I’m here to help you eat more plants, discover ethical products, help the planet and feel amazing!