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8 Burger King Vegan Options

vegan options at burger king

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you’ve likely heard of the Impossible Burger. This plant-based, almost TOO real burger is available at a lot of restaurants including Burger King. But they do not stop there when it comes to vegan options!

1. Impossible Whopper

Impossible Whopper burger king vegan options

BK is the home of the Whopper, so it would make sense that they would put their own spin on the Impossible Burger. No matter the name, you get a delicious vegan sandwich that could fool any meat eater!

2. Fries

french fried burger king vegan option

If you go to BK and they ask the age-old question: ‘do you want fries with that?’ Feel free to answer with a resounding, YES! Because Burger King fries are vegan!

3. French Toast Sticks

French Toast Sticks burger king vegan options

Whether you like breakfast food in the morning or at night, their French toast sticks are totally vegan! So, get to dippin’!

4. Hash Browns

hash brown burger king vegan options

Keeping in line with the ‘anytime breakfast’ theme: hash browns! These little golden potato discs are the perfect vegan treat from BK!

5. Apple Pie

Apple Pie burger king vegan options

Yup! That’s right, you can get a vegan apple pie! This delicious treat is sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

6. Drinks

drinks burger king vegan options

Remember, BK is not only about Whoppers and fries. Likely, you’ll want a drink with your meal and you can sip comfortably knowing pretty much every drink—minus the milkshakes—are vegan! (Also, note that some Coca Cola beverages contain traces of fish gelatine!)

7. Side Salad

Garden Side Salad burger king vegan options

Yes, even BK offers some greens! You can get a side salad with any meal or on its own. Perfect for those who need some extra vitamins!

8. PB&J

PB Jamwich burger king vegan options

Whether you have kids or are a kid at heart, BK offers a PB&J sandwich, which is fully vegan. Have it as a snack or meal. Either way, it’s vegan!

Now drive through, order in, and enjoy!

Patricia Maroday

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