Impossible Foods Launches Its Own Online Store, Delivers To 48 U.S. States

impossible foods launches delivery service

The wait is officially over! If you’ve been following Impossible Foods on Instagram, you’ll know they’ve been teasing us all with a new online delivery service. As of June 4th, you can now buy one of Impossible Foods’ Packs, and enjoy an endless supply of your favorite plant-based meat!

Their online store now offers four super-sized options:

  • Impossible Convenience Pack (4 12 oz. packages of Impossible Burger at $49.99)
  • Impossible Combo Pack (2 12 oz. packages of Impossible Burger + 1 package of 10 1/4 lb. patties at $59.99)
  • Impossible Family Pack (1 5 lb. package of Impossible Burger at $64.99)
  • Impossible Grilling Pack (2 packages of 10 1/4 lb. patties at $69.99)

If you’re not sure how to prepare your Impossible Burger, you can find some cooking tips and recipes directly on their website: https://impossiblefoods.com/recipes/all/.

Though the relatively new company has been struggling to compete price-wise in the meat market, they have been able to bring down the prices for restaurants, and becoming accessible to all meat-consumers is a goal they are taking very seriously. Patrick Brown, Impossible Foods CEO has made the following statement in a recent press conference: “We are desperately eager to bring down our prices as fast as we possibly can.”

He also shared that they are working at full capacity and that the demand for their product is very high. He went on to share an encouraging claim: “[…] as the price comes down, eventually it’s going to be game over for the animal ag industry.”

Impossible Foods is also available in over 3000 retail stores across the country, including H-E-B, Smith’s, Wegman’s, and more! Not to mention the hundreds of restaurants offering this plant-based alternative! How do you get your hands on the Impossible Burger? Comment below!

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