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11 Vegan Options at Taco Bell

vegan options at Taco Bell

Hey there! Here at Oops Vegan, we understand your cravings! Sometimes you just want to treat yourself. So, let’s talk Taco Bell’s vegan menu! If you find yourself having Taco Bell cravings, here are some vegan options at Taco Bell to treat yourself!

Vegan Crunchwrap Supreme

Vegan Crunchwrap Supreme Taco Bell

Yup that’s right, you can still enjoy this Taco Bell staple as a vegan! Simply remove the beef, sour cream, and cheese; add beans. And boom…you’ve got a vegan crunchwrap supreme!

Bean Burrito

Vegan Bean Burrito Taco Bell

This classic is so easy to veganize: make it fresco, remove the cheese, and for a lower calorie option choose black beans! Guac is a great extra for this one.

Chips and Guac

Chips and Guac Taco Bell Vegan option

How can you go wrong with this timeless combo!? Taco Bell’s chips and guac are already vegan so no modifications are necessary! Just chip, dip, and enjoy!

Chips and Pico de Gallo

chips pico de gallo vegan option taco bell

Another great pairing that requires no modifications. Simply order and apply to face!

Power Menu Bowl Veggie

Power Menu Bowl Veggie option Taco Bell

If you’re feeling hangry, this is a great option. Head to your nearest Taco Bell, order this veggie bowl and remove the cheese, sour cream, and avocado ranch. You are left with a filling, protein packed, vegan power bowl!

6. Cinnamon Twists

Don’t worry sweet lovers; we did not forget you, nor did Taco Bell! The cinnamon twists are vegan! No changes required. Order and enjoy!

7. Crunchy or Soft Taco

Whether you like a good crunch or prefer something softer, these tacos are a great vegan option. Simply remove the beef and add beans! That’s all folks!

8. 7 Layer Burrito

Vegan 7 Layer Burrito Taco Bell

Yes, you read correctly; you can still enjoy the 7 layer burrito!! Order it without cheese and sour cream. Then figure out how to enjoy 5 layers in one bite![2] 

9. Spicy Tostada

Vegan Spicy Tostada Taco Bell

For this one you’ll want to remove the cheese and chipotle sauce. If you still want a kick, not to worry; Taco Bell’s Diablo, Fire, and Hot sauce are all vegan!

10. Black Beans and Rice

Vegan Black Bean and Rice Taco Bell

You’ve heard of PB&J…well beans and rice are just as infamous a pairing! Not only is this pairing a complete protein source, but it also requires no changes. Just order and collect!

11. Spicy Potato Soft Taco

Vegan Spicy Potato Soft Taco Bell

For the breakfast enthusiasts out there, try the spicy potato soft taco. All you have to do is make it fresco! Then enjoy!

For more info on vegan option at Taco Bell’s and vegan-friendly sauces and toppings, check out this link!

Now drive through, order up, and enjoy every vegan bite!

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