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Fauxmagerie Vegan cheese store London

London, England. Home to impressive football (or soccer in America) and rugby teams, loads of pubs, The Queen, great museums, and some of the best vegan food in the world. In fact, London happens to be the most vegan friendly city in the world. They have everything from vegan roast dinners, vegan pizza, vegan donuts, vegan milkshakes, vegan kebabs, vegan BBQ etc. Basically, whether you want sweet, savory, or both, London has the plant-based community covered. However, one place I was particularly interested in was La Fauxmagerie.

Let’s Get Cheesy

La Fauxmagerie was founded in 2019 by sisters Rachel and Charlotte Stevens (I managed to snag a picture below with Rachel during my visit). With Rachel being vegan and Charlotte being lactose intolerant, they both are conscious about the needs of dairy-free individuals and their cravings. This ‘plant-based cheesemonger,’ works to connect with vegan cheesemakers all across the UK to bring great plant-based options to your tables, or in this case, your cheese boards.

Fauxmagerie owner Rachel Stevens and I

They offer high-quality options from a wide array of suppliers:

I Am Nut Ok

Angela and Nivi are the creators of I am Nut Ok which features many innovative vegan cheese options including Chipotle & Goji and Black Truffle & Turmeric. La Fauxmagerie features their, ‘more daring than dairy’ cheese, which is sure to satisfy any cheesy cravings.

Black Arts Vegan

Lue, the founder of Black Arts Vegan, has created several cheesy staples that blend science and punk. While it may seem like magic, Black Arts Vegan cheese is really a result of Lue’s 10-year career working in Biological Sciences. The result is a largely nut-free range of dairy-free vegan cheeses that is sure to make you believe in magic.

Kinda Co.

Ellie Brown, self-declared cheese addict, is the founder of Kinda Co. She produces nine unique nut-free, vegan cheeses and is a staple at La Fauxmagerie.

Mouse’s Favourite

Mouse’s Favourite is known for their Camembert-style cheese. La Fauxmagerie says it is ‘always in high demand.’ Their vegan cheese is highly reminiscent of dairy cheese, which ensures a nostalgic sampling.

Tyne Chease

Tyne Chease is an award-winning, handmade delicacy. Owner Ami J. Tadaa, uses organic ingredients and vegan cultures to ensure each product has an authentic cheesy taste. Their flavor combinations are all unique and include Applewood and Macadamia Truffle.

Honestly Tasty

Honestly Tasty launched in 2019. They have quickly become a phenomenon with their Veganzola and Shamembert. Honestly Tasty is also committed to building a kinder and more sustainable world. With every purchase, they donate 5p to planting trees and 10p to farm animal rehabilitation.

Good Food by Sumear

Sumear, also known as ‘Crummy Summy,’ is a former dairy cheese producer. His creations are authentic and scientifically grounded through the technique of creating his own cultures. While his methods are traditional, his products are of the future.

Strictly Roots Vegan

Strictly Roots Vegan offers some of the most popular cheeses at La Fauxmagerie. Customer favorites include ‘Big Burrata,’ which is soft and creamy. They also offer goat-style, true blue, and apple-wood smoked cheeses that keep the crowds coming back.

Naturally Vegan Food Company

Naturally Vegan Food Company was started by Jonathan Moore. His products are some of the top sellers at La Fauxmagerie. Each product features fully compostable packaging. They are also very mindful of their carbon footprint and take care in their production techniques.

As you can see, La Fauxmagerie brings together so many great options for all those involved with or interested in the dairy-free community.

Eco, Ethical, Sustainable

Beyond the great number of cheeses, La Fauxmagerie also aims to be eco-friendly. They work hard to ensure their packaging (including bags, boxes, cheese wrapping, and stickers) is made from recycled, recyclable, and/or biodegradable materials. They also offer custom weights for their customers, which minimizes excess packing materials. Many of their suppliers also use sustainable packaging and reuse materials when possible.

Why do they have custom packaging, you might ask? Because you can order from La Fauxmagerie online! They offer monthly subscriptions and ‘by base’ options in addition to their custom weights. The ‘by base’ option lets customers select cheese by the base ingredient (cashew, soy, almond, or rice flour). A great option for anyone with nut allergies.

The Whole Cheese Wheel

That is a wrap on my cheesy adventure in London. A huge thank you to La Fauxmagerie and Rachel! The products are delightful and make a great option for snacking, entertaining, or just simply wanting to try something new. La Fauxmagerie is certainly changing the way people engage with dairy products. They are also doing great work to help spread the word about vegan cheesemakers across the UK. If you find yourself in London and get a hankering for cheese, La Fauxmagerie is the place for you! Now go out, explore, and enjoy every bite!

Patricia Maroday

Hi I'm Patricia. Certified vegan lifestyle Coach. I’m here to help you eat more plants, discover ethical products, help the planet and feel amazing!

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Patricia Maroday

Hi I'm Patricia. Certified vegan lifestyle Coach. I’m here to help you eat more plants, discover ethical products, help the planet and feel amazing!

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